Improve Sperm Quality

Apart from their general health, sexual health is naturally a huge concern to men and one thing that can cause this is the amount of semen that they produce. This is one of the best indicators of your sexual performance. but what is semen?

This is basically a mixture of seminal fluids and sperms that are manufactured in the testes. While semen does not determine fertility, the greater the volume the higher the chances that the sperms will reach and fertilize the woman’s eggs. But how can you increase semen volume? Here is how to increase semen volume.

What do you eat?

The easiest thing to control is what you eat. What you eat affects virtually all aspects of your health including your semen volume. This means if you want to increase your semen volume, you should avoid processed foods and replace them with better alternatives. You should also cut back on your alcohol and caffeine intake, give up on smoking, eat a lot of vitamins and try using some supplements.

Do You drink plenty of water?

Keeping your body hydrated is one of the best things to do if you want to increase your semen volume. While dehydration causes complications such as headaches and feeling sluggish, it can also cause the volume of your semen to be very small. Although you should drink 6 to 8 classed of water every day, if you are exercising then it should be more

Do you even exercise this year?

Exercise is also very important for your cardio and your overall health. It also helps speeds up body processes such as the production of semen. Increased fitness will definitely give your more energy that will eventually improve your sexual stamina and sexual performance. However, while exercising do not overdo it as this can be counterproductive.

When did you las had enough sleep?

If you want to improve your semen and sex life then sleep is very important. When you are tired, your body can easily slow down the process of semen and sperm production. If you usually sleep fewer hours, your body’s capacity to produce semen will definitely go down.

Did you try to lighten up and avoid stress?

It’s very important to know that stress skills but before it kills you it will really affect the volume of your semen and sperm count. It can interfere with the hormones that are related to the production of semen in the body and end up affecting you. If you are undergoing any form of an emotional or physical problem they tend to move out of your scrotum never to return.

Did you ever try Edging exercises? 

Edging refers to stimulating your penis to the point that it just ejaculates. When doing this, you are signaling to your body that semen will soon be needed hence it will speed up the production process. Just stimulate yourself normally but do no forget to slow down once you feel that you are almost there. You should do this for a few hours or for a number of days depending on what you need. If you do this you will see an increased volume of semen.

That is how to increase semen volume. Remember, the most important thing is to minimize stress, check your diet and exercise. If you do this you will have a normal semen count.

February 1, 2019

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